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The magical year of Pre-K has arrived for you and your child. It is a time of curiosity, learning,and growth. It is a time of energy beyond belief and a time of quick sorrows and much laughter. This will inshaAllah be a year of excitement and enjoyment for you and your child.

School Hours


Pre-K students attend school from 7:30am – 2:40pm. It is important that your child gets to school on time and that they are picked up promptly at 2:40pm.


Breakfast Time


Children have breakfast every day in Pre-K. It is an activity in which all children participate under the teachers’ supervision.


Lunch Time


Children are encouraged to bring lunch from home. A school-lunch menu will be sent home at the beginning of each month. You can send money with your child to buy school lunch. Please put the money in your child’s folder (not in the lunchbox or the backpack). If lunch is forgotten, parents will be contacted and arrangements will be made to provide food for the child. Please exclude candy, gum, and soda. Make sure to notify teachers of any food allergies in writing.


Helping Hands


Every week children will be assigned a job to do in our classroom. It will encourage teamwork and boost their self-esteem as they take responsibility for their classroom.


Changes in Transportation


If your child is going home with someone they do not usually go home with, you must send a written note to school that morning. If we do not receive a written note or a phone call before 2:00pm, we will not release the child. Please don’t expect your Pre-Ker to relay this information to us. Please send it in a note instead!




The question of when to keep your child home from school is often a difficult one, especially when decisions must be made first thing in the morning and arrangements for them to be taken care of. It is very important to keep your child at home if he/she is ill.


Keeping your child home helps make them more comfortable and prevents others in our school and classroom from becoming ill and miss instruction. If your child does have an illness, please let the school know right away.




We will have gym twice a week. Your child needs to wear their gym uniform and sneakers for gym days in order to be ready for activities, movements, and games.


Report Cards


Your child will bring home four report cards throughout the school year. These have a lot of good information for you to review and to know the areas in which your child may need more practice on at home. Please make sure to review the report card, sign it and return it as soon as possible.




There will be two set conference times during the year. You will receive your child’s report card at these times and will have a chance to discuss with us how your child is progressing in the Pre-Kindergarten curriculum.




To establish good order and help the children learn self-control, the children will be guided to respect themselves and their classmates through specific directions, positive reinforcements, suggested new activities and responsible actions. Our main classroom goals are to have everyone treated kindly, fairly, and respectfully at all times.




Hands and feet to ourselves


Inside Voices


Walking feet


Follow Teacher Directions


Clean up after ourselves




Your child will bring 2 sheets of homework daily in English, Math and Arabic. These are very quick and simple activities that can be completed at home to reinforce skills we are working on in our Pre-K class. Every Friday children will bring home both English and Arabic notebooks. Please help your child paste or draw pictures that begin with the letter of the week. Please be sure to check your child’s folder every night.


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