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New Horizons in Islamic Education


As’salamu Alaikum Dear Respected Parents,


It is with great excitement that I welcome you to Academy of Greatness and Excellence, the first accredited Islamic School System in the U.S.  In its eighth year of operation, AGE has made wide strides in the fields of academics, character building and leadership. With a shared commitment to our mission, vision and core values, everyone at AGE strives to achieve our goals of educational excellence and exemplary character.


Our dedicated and qualified staff members continuously seek to develop our students into life-long learners. They are keen on providing our students with a challenging course of study at all levels, introducing new programs and initiatives to enable our students to cope with the fast-paced and ever-evolving world surrounding them.


Our goal at AGE is that our students develop the skills that enable them to become problem solvers, self reliant, logical thinkers and innovators and eventually inventors Inshaa Allah.


I would like to take this as an opportunity to introduce you to some of our procedures to ease communication:


  • Email Communications: Stay updated with all our school news through our Academy of Greatness and Excellence Updates; an email communication from the Principal at least twice a week. Feel free to contact me for any concerns you may have by emailing me at All staff members can be reached via email. Please check website for staff email addresses;

  • Teacherease: Check on your child’s progress in all subjects through getting access to the teachers’ online grade book. Visit and make sure to provide your email to your child’s homeroom teacher at the beginning of the year to get full access;

  • Homework Website: Know what your child’s homework is before she/he comes back home from school. All teachers post their homework on before the end of each school day;

  • School Website: Our school website is where we post important announcements, news or documents that you may need throughout the year.

  • Facebook: To keep abreast of all our daily activities and exciting news, please visit our Facebook page at 


I look forward to partnering with all our parents to make this year an exciting and successful one for all our children. May Allah give us success and prosperity in every step we take, Ameen.






Iman ElDessouky

Principal, Academy of Greatness and Excellence



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