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Science and Environment


STEAM Education is at the heart of our academic program. Our STEAM – Science, Technology, Art and Math - program ensures full student engagement and collaboration. At AGE, we have adopted STEAM as a framework for teaching across…


STEM Education in the Labs of NMK Resources


The 7th Grade students visited NMK Resources on Wednesday, learning all about Refining Crude Oil and the Distillation Process. Our students were to able to use manual techniques along with digital machines to compare and contrast the density of different samples of oil. 

A very interesting learning experience for our students as they come to understand how everything around us goes from origination to its last phase of use.


At AGE, Technology is used by Everyone


Stemming from our strong belief in STEM education, and in order to get our students ready for the 21st century workforce, AGE is utilizing a portable computer lab where each student can enjoy having knowledge at the their fingertips.


AGE Islamic School
AGE Islamic School
AGE Islamic School

At AGE, STEM Learning starts at KG....

At AGE, Students learn about  Java, C++, and BASIC..  during the School-wide Hour of Code events

At AGE, Science is more than a school subject


 “[Science] is more than a school subject, or the periodic table, or the properties of waves. It is an approach to the world, a critical way to understand and explore and engage with the world, and then have the capacity to change that world..." - President Barack Obama


AGE constantly and consistently connects with the community to inform parents and community members of the various STEM activities and innovative teaching methodologies at AGE. Therefore, AGE always shares students' activities on AGE Facebook Page . Here are some of the posts related to STEM Education that have been performed at AGE. Please click on the pictures below to view the rest of the album.....


At AGE, STEM Education promotes real-world experiences


AGE Students are required to come up with projects that they think will help the environment. Open-ended problems are presented to them. While some students may solve the problem for example using a resource such as solar energy, another team may solve the same problem using turbines and energy from steam. In both cases creativity and independent thinking can be demonstrated.


At AGE, students are trained to analyze science and technology in both historical and cultural contexts


During the school year, and even in the summer, AGE trains students to analyze science and technology in both historical and cultural contexts. Field trips are continously offered to students at all ages and in all grades.....


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