Arabic & Islamic Studies

The Quran, Islamic Studies and Arabic ( QIA)  department at Academy of Greatness and Excellence, a CISNA accredited Islamic school, exceeds any other Islamic School when it comes to student to teacher ratio and creativity of delivering content. With Al-Azhar University Graduates as Instructors, the QIA staff remarkably prepares our students to learn and love the language of the Holy Quran, as they live Islam through the daily routines. AGE takes immense pride in its Quran, Islamic Studies and Arabic (QIA) division. Comprised of an exceptional group of educators with their impressive academic backgrounds, sharp skills and fine talents, the division members collaboratively work on constantly enhancing our students’ Islamic Character Building program.

AGE QIA Division Members: Sheikh Ibrahim ElGazzar, Imam of Miraj Center in Bayonne, Sheikh Reda ElHendawy, Imam at American Muslims for Palestine Center, Ms. Sadieh Najib, AGE Head of Arabic Department, Ms. Nadia Bahloul, graduate of Al-Azhar University, and Ms. Nahed Hassan, Nouraniya certified instructor.

Hajj Simulation:

Since this Hajj Simulation event will be the last one our AGE students will be experiencing at school for years to come, the QIA Division gave the AGE students a wonderful time during the Hajj Simulation this year.



Our daily hour of Tahfeez program inspires our students to recognize and understand the beauty of the Holy Qur’an. Students gain proficiency in memorization by our Nouraniya-Certified teachers and develop a love through daily classes that promote Tajweed, reading, and memorization. Click here for AGE Quran Competition videos...



Arabic class is fun and exciting for all students. Whether the students are involved in the Nasheed group, Caligraphy Club or simply learning sophisticated poetry, as Al- Mutannabi, they are always having a good time as they are attaining proficiency practicing the language. 



Islamic Studies


At AGE, we aspire that our students embrace a love for Islam and our cultural traditions in their daily life. Our program introduces Islamic Etiquette and Ethics taken from the Qur’an, Seerah, and Hadeeth. They are stimulated with nasheeds, dua’a memorization, and an analytical study of Islamic law. Over time, our students build a strong Islamic foundation with an emphasis on principles , values and morals from the Holy Qur’an.



Morning Assembly:

Women In Islam:


AGE has been celebrating women during the month of March through activities, words and acts of kindness. On March 6th, one of the 5th grade students gave an enlightening presentation about Women in Islam. On March 8th, International Women’s Day, after the Open House, a heart-felt speech was given that both appreciated and empowered the staff and the dedicated teachers were presented with Guess watches, reminding them of the great value of time and how to use every single minute for betterment and refinement. Finally, our dear mothers were presented with roses from AGE staff in recognition of the crucial role they play on a daily basis.

To watch more of the great work and amazing results of our Quran,Arabic & Islamic Studies departments, and the remarkable achievements of our young students who were born here.

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