New Horizons in Islamic Education



The Academy of Greatness and Excellence, an accredited and STEM Certified Islamic Schoolopened its doors in September 2013, serving Muslim students in grades Pre-School through 3rd grade. In its second year of operation, Academy of Greatness and Excellence had expanded to include grades 4-6, witnessing a 500% enrollment increase from its inception year.


In September 2015, the school expanded to include 7th and 8th Grade classes, offering a College Preparatory Middle School program, preparing the AGE students for High School, College and beyond. Academy of Greatness & Excellence will be expanding once again this September, growing into a High School. 


AGE has proven itself, not just as an elementary school, but as an institution that supports the educational needs of students in the community at large. AGE takes immense pride in providing high quality programs and services, offered by seasoned instructors, at an affordable cost to parents through the AGE Learning Center.


The school is founded on traditional Islamic values that seek to develop intellectual, moral, and physical skills that celebrate the innate gifts each child has been blessed with. It is in this nurturing and safe community that the AGE students will master the skills essential for success academically and throughout every facet of their lives.



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