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AGE Lunch Program

We are glad to introduce the AGE Hot Lunch program to everyone. We, at Academy of Greatness and Excellence, strive to nurture each student both mentally and physically helping each child prepare for the future. Through our lunch program, we provide healthy nutritious meals that are high in whole grains, low in fat and sodium and rich with a variety of fruits and vegetables each day.


AGE Pre-Paid Lunch Program


Ordering your child’s lunch in advance, gives parents the peace of mind for an entire trimester. The benefits of such a system are the following:


  • No need to carry cash

  • Quicker service lines – more time to eat/socialize

  • Better accountability

  • Payment flexibility  


Parents have the following four options to purchase lunch for your children. Please note that as AGE becomes fully cash-free, all purchases must be done online.


Option #1: Purchase lunch on a daily basis $6.65/Day (MUST be purchased Online before 9:30 am of the corresponding day).

Option #2: Purchase lunch every day, in advance, for the entire month for $135/child.

Option #3: Purchase lunch every day, in advance, for the entire trimester for $365/child.

Option #4: Purchase lunch, in advance, for the entire year for $995/child.



If you would like to take advantage of our Pre-Paid Lunch Program for the choices above at a discounted rate, please fill out the form below.

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