At Academy of Greatness and Excellence, an accredited Islamic School, we set ambitious goals for our Middle School student achievement.  The academic curriculum established provides for broad exploration of important topics and the development of deep understanding, as it also tends to the social, emotional, and physical needs of our adolescents. Our problem-based curriculum attends to both the mastery of basic skills and higher cognitive processes, including problem solving and drawing conclusions.  The instructional program seeks to have all students experience frequent academic success and provides a variety of learning experiences to set the road to excelling in High School, preparing them for college and beyond.


Our highly qualified instructors at Academy of Greatness and Excellence lead our students through an accelerated and varied curriculum, encouraging each child to explore and develop personal interests and passions through an innovative group of activities and community service opportunities. Our emphasis on skill development and leadership ensures that all students have the chance to positively grow and mature through participation in these programs.


AGE College Preparatory Team:


 Dr.  Abdeslem Elidrissi, PhD (Superintendent)


Dr. Abdeslem is a Professor of Neuroscience and Chairman of the Biology Department at College of Staten Island of the City University of New York. He serves as the Superintendant of Academies of Greatness and Excellence and oversees the STEM education program.


Iman ElDessouky, M.Ed (Principal) 


Sr. Iman has served as the Principal of Darul Arqam High School for five years before joining Academy of Greatness and Excellence. She has extensive experience getting her students College and Career ready, through counseling, advising and providing resources for success in college and beyond.


Nehal Syed Ahmed (STEM Instructor) 


Sr. Nehal graduated from the New Jersey Institute of Technology in 2013 with a B.S. degree in Biomedical Engineering. Since then, she has taught math and science for middle school and high school students at Al-Ghazaly High School in Wayne, NJ. 


Sumayyah Hussain (STEM Instructor) 


Sr. Sumayyah has a B.S. degree in Math & Computers and B.Ed degree in Math and Science. With more than 7 years experience in the teaching High School and Middle School students, Sr. Sumayyah is known for her talent of employing unique teaching strategies to effectively engage all students, and foster a fun and fascinating learning environment.


Javairia Ahmed ( English Literature & Language Instructor)


With a B. A. in English and Secondary Education and 4 years of teaching Middle School students, Sr. Javairia has  an intense desire to not only educate her students, but to also allow them to believe in themselves by giving them the tools necessary to achieve and accomplish their goals by providing an intellectually stimulating environment.


Heba AbouBakr (Social Studies & Global Affairs Instructor) 


Sr. Heba earned her degree in the field of Computer Science and subsequently took graduate courses  with a focus in the field of Education.  Sr. Heba brings to AGE a unique blend of technology, language and global skills that she seamlessly incorporates in her teaching, building social understanding and civic efficacy. Through the Girls Scouts of America Organization, Sr. Heba has worked with Muslim Youth through Grade 12 to ensure they develop the lifelong skills that allow them to become leaders in their communities and the global world, at large.


Duaa Oraby ( Islamic Studies & Character Education Instructor) 


Graduating from Al-Azhar University with an Ijazaj, Sr. Duaa has over 8 years of experience teaching religious studies, She teaches her students how to apply Quran into their life and to have Islamic standards in everything, and to be responsible and positive contributors to society. Her ultimate goal as a teacher is to educate, motivate and inspire students to value life-long learning.