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At Academy of Greatness and Excellence, an accredited Islamic School, we set ambitious goals for our Middle School student achievement.  The academic curriculum established provides for broad exploration of important topics and the development of deep understanding, as it also tends to the social, emotional, and physical needs of our adolescents. Our problem-based curriculum attends to both the mastery of basic skills and higher cognitive processes, including problem solving and drawing conclusions.  The instructional program seeks to have all students experience frequent academic success and provides a variety of learning experiences to set the road to excelling in High School, preparing them for college and beyond.


Our highly qualified instructors at Academy of Greatness and Excellence lead our students through an accelerated and varied curriculum, encouraging each child to explore and develop personal interests and passions through an innovative group of activities and community service opportunities. Our emphasis on skill development and leadership ensures that all students have the chance to positively grow and mature through participation in these programs.


AGE Middle School Team:


 Sharon Lamouchi (STEM Instructor) 

Ms. Sharon comes to AGE with a wealth of knowledge and experience in research. She has earned a PhD in Human Physiology from McGill University and has a BSc and MSc in Biochemistry. She has more than 16 years of research experience in various fields of science and has been teaching Cell Signaling and Analytical Chemistry in college. She is passionate about science because she believes that studying Allah’s creation and creatures is a powerful way to strengthen our faith.

Sumayyah Hussain (STEM Instructor) 


Ms. Sumayyah has a B.S. degree in Math & Computers and B.Ed degree in Math and Science. With more than 7 years experience in the teaching High School and Middle School students, Sr. Sumayyah is known for her talent of employing unique teaching strategies to effectively engage all students, and foster a fun and fascinating learning environment.


Nancy Jubran ( English Literature & Social Studies Instructor)


With a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice and Legal Studies, Ms. Nancy major is passionate about human rights and equity. She is predominantly interested in teaching middle school students because of the leadership assets and boundless potential she finds within this age group. 

Ali Aboughazaleh ( Islamic Studies & Character Education Instructor) 


Sheikh Ali has over 5 years of experience teaching religious studies, She is keen on building a community of learners  that are capable of applying Quran into their life and to have Islamic standards in everything, and to be responsible and positive contributors to society. 

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