The AGE Math Olympiad team has been meeting once every week since November and participating in a series of monthly contests under the supervision and coaching of Ms. Maryam Khan. She has taught the students to solve unusual and difficult problems and to creatively think. Now, it’s time to reap the fruits of Ms. Maryam and her students’ hard work. 


The following students have been recognized by the MOEMS:


  • Somaya Tahir

  • Nema ElKassabi

  • Simrah Mansoori

  • Nabil ElIdrissi

  • Yasmin Hassouni

  • Omar Soliman

  • Tesneem Amine

  • Misbah Hussain

  • Ameena Khan

  • Ayah Sead

  • Uzair Khan

We are very proud of our students' achievement and very grateful to their wonderful coach Ms. Maryam Khan.

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