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Online Book Fee Payment



The yearly tuition will be collected over ten-installments. The first installment  is to be submitted on June 1st. Monthly installments must be received by the 5th of each month to avoid incurring late fees. For any tuition payments made after the due date a $35/child late fee will be added to the family account. Please see the table below for clarification.



 Book Fees (Non-Refundable)

At AGE, we are dedicated to providing our students with exceptional educational resources and materials that promote their academic growth and success. In line with this commitment, our book fees cover not only the actual textbooks but also an extensive range of supplementary stationary materials and science lab resources that significantly enhance their learning environment.


To provide you with a comprehensive understanding, the book fees encompass, but are not limited to, the following essential components:


1. Textbooks: We ensure access to high-quality textbooks across various subjects that are aligned with the curriculum, facilitating comprehensive learning experiences for our students.


2. Bulletin Boards: We prioritize the maintenance and regular updating of bulletin boards, which serve as informative and visually engaging resources within the classrooms, further enriching the educational environment.


3. Paper Copies: We provide necessary paper copies for assignments, worksheets, and other relevant educational materials, ensuring that students have the required resources for their coursework.


4. Printing: Our book fees also cover the printing of signs, flyers, certificates, and in-class assignments, enabling effective communication and documentation within the school community.


5. Student Information System (SIS): We employ an advanced and efficient Student Information System (SIS), facilitating seamless communication between parents, teachers, and administrators. This system allows easy access to academic records, attendance data, and progress reports, enhancing transparency and collaboration.


6. Report Cards: We prioritize the production and distribution of detailed report cards that comprehensively evaluate students' academic performance. These reports provide valuable insights for further growth and development, enabling parents and educators to support students effectively.


7. Licenses of Digital Books: Our book fees also cover the licenses for digital books when applicable.

8. Science Lab Materials, Experiments, and Equipment: Additionally, our book fees cover the provision and maintenance of science lab materials, experiments, and equipment. This allows our students to engage in hands-on learning experiences, conduct experiments, and develop practical skills in various scientific disciplines.


We firmly believe that these provisions, including science lab resources, contribute significantly to creating an optimal learning environment for our students.

By including them within the book fees, we aim to provide a comprehensive educational experience that goes beyond the mere acquisition of knowledge.

By submitting this form you hereby agree to the AGE Tuition Policy. 

Book Fee ( KG-5th):  $365 (must be submitted by March 15th (Non-Refundable)

Book Fee ( 6th-12th): $420 (must be submitted by March 15th (Non-Refundable)

Book Fee ( Pre-School- Pre-K): $230 (must be submitted by March 15th (Non-Refundable)

  Payment                            Due Date  

1st Installment                      June 1st

2nd Installment                    September 1st

3rd Installment                     October 1st

10th Installment                   May 1st

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