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 Tuition (2024-2025)


The AGE yearly tuition is collected over ten-installments. The first installment  is to be submitted on June 1st. Monthly installments must be received by the 5th of each month to avoid incurring late fees. For any tuition payments made after the due date a $35/child late fee will be added to the family account. Please see the table below for clarification.


 Monthly Payments (ten payments/year):


Pre-School - Pre-K: $755

KG - 6th Grade: $670

7th - 12th Grade: $740

Technology Fee: $15/Student/Month (KG - 5th Grade) 

Technology Fee: $20/Student/Month (6th - 12th Grade) 


Yearly Payments (One payment/year):

New Registration Fee: $325  (New Students non-refundable)

Re-registration Fee: $180 (current AGE students - non-refundable)

Book Fee ( KG-5th):  $365.00 (must be submitted by March 15th)

Book Fee ( 6th-12th): $420.00 (must be submitted by March 15th)

Book Fee ( Pre-School- Pre-K): $230.00 (must be submitted by March 15th)

Early Withdrawal Security Deposit: $1500/Family (one-time payment)

This fee is fully refundable if the following conditions are met :

  1. The tuition for the entire current academic year has been fully paid 

  2. The family account has no outstanding balance 

  3. The family has no student(s) registered for the next academic year

          $1500/Family Security Deposit must be paid by April 15th

         First  tuition payment must be paid by June 1st to finalize enrollment

All fees including the first payment are non-refundable after 6/15/2024

Students who are placed on the AGE waiting list will be notified of available spots on or before July 15th



First Child: Full Tuition

Second Child: $620  (Pre-School to KG  are not eligible)

Second Child: $690  (7th - 12th) 

  Payment                            Due Date  

1st Installment                      June 1st

2nd Installment                    September 1st

3rd Installment                     October 1st

10th Installment                   May 1st


AGE Financial Aid Programs

We have committed ourselves to providing affordable quality Islamic education to our parents and community. Accordingly, AGE offers financial aid based on income.


  • Regular Financial Aid

  • Orphan Student Scholarship

  • State funds: Urban League of Hudson County, 4Cs of Passaic County

As an accredited Islamic School, we are committed to providing affordable quality Islamic education to our parents and community. In order to help parents that aspire to provide their children with such education, we offer the following programs, based on financial hardship:

1. Regular Financial Aid

How to start the process?


  • Complete the Financial Aid application

  • Submit Income Tax returns for the last two years

  • Submit current bank statements

The process can take several weeks, so please submit all paperwork by the deadline.
Deadline for Financial Aid application submission is August 5th.


2. Orphan Student Scholarship (up to 25 Students)


Considering the hardship and suffering many children undergo today in different parts of the world, we can feel nothing but sympathy and compassion for each and every one of them.

Accordingly, Academy of Greatness & Excellence is reviving its 'Orphan Student Scholarship' program and offering it,  to all orphan students, from any country in the world, especially those afflicted by civil wars or turbulence. This program financially aids orphan students that enroll in the school, and provides financial assistance to them throughout their educational journey.


The following fees will be covered:


  • Free Registration

  • Free Books

  • Free Tuition

  • Free Uniform

  • Free Lunch Program

  • Free After School Programs (if needed)

Eligibility is based on the following:


  • Orphan student (Must be a US legal resident)

  • Maintain satisfactory academic progress


3. State Funds


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