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Thank you for your interest in applying at the Academy of Greatness & Excellence, an accredited and STEM certified Islamic School. Please fill the form below to register online. By submitting this form you hereby agree to the AGE Tuition Policy

New Students Enrollment will start on 2/4/2023 

Academy of Greatness & Excellence is committed to transparency, as well as providing fair and equal opportunities in all aspects of its operation. Therefore, available seats are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis, assuming that all admissions' requirements are fulfilled. 

If you register for a closed class, your child will be placed on the AGE waiting list. If a spot does not open up, your registration fee ($295) will be refundable. If you are notified that a spot is available, registration is non-refundable.

 AGE 2023/2024 Enrollment Status

Admissions into the Academy of Greatness & Excellence (AGE) is now open for the 2023-2024 academic year. We appreciate our community members that seek quality Islamic Education and are keen on enrolling their children at AGE as their primary choice for their children's educational journeys. Please sign up to attend the "AGE Annual Open House", which will be held on 2/4/2023 in Teaneck and 2/18/2023 in Ridgefield Park.

New Students Enrollment will start at this page on 2/4/2023

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