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Despite the pandemic, students at AGE fully enjoy the blessings of the Holy Month of Ramadan. During this special month, our teachers create nurturing environments through fun-filled activities that foster the love for Ramadan.


Ramadan decor and Ramadan parades are prevalent at AGE during this holy month. It’s a month of fasting, even for some of our youngest AGE students, as well as a month of good deeds and constant Duaa, all with the intention to please the Almighty Allah (AWJ) and earn His ultimate mercy and forgiveness.

Instilling the love of our Deen into the hearts of our students: At AGE, this love is developed and nurtured with our youngest learners in PS and Pre-K through an array of means that engage their creativity as well as their natural curiosity. During the blessed month of Ramadan, our youngest learners can be found partaking in hands-on arts and crafts centered around Ramadan themes such as the importance of doing good deeds, the importance of praying, visiting the mosque, and breaking our fast with dates and water. That love for our Deen

rooted deep within their hearts, that will remain with them in every facet of their lives as they grow, Insha’Allah.


AGE  Preschoolers Earning Rewards in Ramadan

Earning the reward of Allah (swt) during the holy month of Ramadan begins as early with our Preschool students at AGE. This year, our preschoolers are learning about the importance of prayer, starting with learning the steps of making Wudu. In addition, they are actively accumulating their good deeds by participating in the PTO sponsored coin drive as well as gaining a thorough understanding of the significance of the crescent moon and its connection to our lunar calendar. They also created and illustrated their very own wudu books to take home. Through fun, hands-on activities our Preschool students are exposed to a myriad of meaningful experiences that they will carry on their educational journeys.

AGE’s Ramadan Reads: This week, the Early Childhood Division focused its Read to Lead Story Time Program around the blessed month of Ramadan. Our youngest students enjoyed hearing stories from their older peers who read books on the importance of performing good deeds as well as learning about Allah’s creations. Additionally, an exciting component this week was virtually meeting not just one or two, but four different authors of children’s Islamic literature. With every new day this week, we met a new author, each one joining us from various parts of the United States. They read their books on Allah’s beautiful creations, the importance of making Duaa, the blessings that come with generosity, as well as exciting Eid traditions. As an extension, students were also engaged in activities that involved making their own Duaa books,

 creating Ramadan as well as Eid greeting cards, and also taking part in question and answer sessions. It was an unforgettable and fun-filled week, which left an impact on staff and students alike.


AGE 3rd Graders Welcoming Ramadan

As the holy month of Ramadan approaches us, the AGE students ask their parents about how they've welcomed Ramadan in the past. The results are the compilation of these slides with a beautiful narration of a Ramadan poem in Arabic by one of our very own students.

This year, Mother’s Day occurred during the month of Ramadan, and our PS class, in conjunction with all of their Ramadan activities, further used this opportunity to honor the sacrifices that mothers make on a daily basis. They lovingly made cards for their mothers and learned that their mothers should be celebrated every day. Ramadan serves as a month of fasting, prayer, spiritual reflection, good deeds, and constant Duaa (supplication) to our creator, Allah (swt).

At AGE, we remind our students of the elevated status that Islam assigns to mothers, who are never forgotten in our Duaa, especially during the holy month of Ramadan. We pray that all mothers are rewarded with the best of blessings in this life and the hereafter for every sacrifice they make, and we also pray that our paradise is attained through them, as “paradise lies under the feet of mothers.”


Remembering Allah (SWT) and the Sunnah of our Prophet Mohamed (pbuh), the Early Childhood Division spent a fun filled day commemorating Eid-ul-Fitr. After a fruitful month of Ramadan activities and discussions, AGE spent a day in celebration. Dressed in their best Eid clothes, our students attended school ready to exchange gifts with one another, engage in class parties, enjoy sweet treats, and so much more! Creating unforgettable moments with our students, we aim to strengthen their Muslim identity and provide precious memories for them to build upon throughout their journeys of life, Insha’Allah.

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