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The AGE Pre-Kindergarten End-of-Year Celebration 2021

The AGE Pre-K students completed a phenomenal academic school year. Filled with learning and fun, our Pre-K students mastered new skills in Quranic recitation, as well as memorized various Duaa, being able to apply what they have learned on a daily basis. STEAM based activities along with hands-on learning, and literacy based crafts in both English and Arabic, comprise our approach to Early Education. Learning activities in PK center around key skills that include critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. At AGE, we encourage discovery through playful exploration, while stimulating imagination and creative thinking. In addition, our students enjoy guided indoor and outdoor play, while forming friendships that will last a lifetime. With foundational skills mastered in Islamic knowledge and literacy development, our PK students are headed towards a bright future of social and academic success, Insha’Allah.

Earth Day 2021: AGE’s Early Childhood Division spent Earth Day accumulating their good deeds by planting seeds, planting flowers, and building a stronger connection to their planet.


In Pre-K, students not only learn and memorize various ahadeeth and Duaa, they are able to apply what they have learned, voicing each hadeeth and Duaa to its purpose. Through role playing scenarios in the Arabic language, students are able to understand the meaning behind each hadeeth and Duaa. Whether it’s saying a Duaa before eating or a Duaa upon completion of meals, or saying a Duaa before sleeping and another when waking up, this process becomes a natural component of their lives. Students as young as Pre-K have also learned to fluently articulate the teachings of our Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) that include the importance of establishing prayers on time, understanding the elevated status of mothers in Islam, and the wisdom behind giving one another gifts, to mention a few.


Learning about Allah’s creations, our Pre-K students explored the stages of the butterfly life cycle. In this process, they are taught to think critically by exploring answers to questions that seek the what, when, where, and how in the development of these beautiful creations. As observers and inquirers, our students concluded their lessons being able to articulate the entire life cycle of the butterfly and attribute this cycle to Allah’s infinite mercy.

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