Welcome to Ms. Nisreen's Raspberries' Kindergarten!

Dear Parents, 

I would like to welcome you to the Academy of Greatness and Excellence’s Kindergarten program! My  name is Nisreen Baker, and I hold a Bachelor’s degree in English from Montclair State University. My experience in teaching is embedded in my zeal to help my students reach their full potential. I have always been passionate about teaching and insha’Allah this passion is what is going to help me drive your children to the top. I will be teaching Reading, Writing, Math and incorporating Science, Art, Social Studies, and Islamic Studies into the curriculum. We will be having many projects, so get ready to hear all about them from your adorable little explorers! Also, I would like you to know that my two main priorities are instilling a love for learning within your children, and guiding them into becoming better Muslims.

Kindergarten is an exciting journey that both the child and parent endure together. It is a time when children begin to feed their hunger for learning, and a time where the parent can help nourish this learning. Insha’Allah this year will be an exciting year that is filled with opportunities to learn and grow. However, this journey cannot take place without your help. An important component in this journey is that we communicate. Without your help I will not be able to fully navigate into your child’s mind. Therefore, I will keep you updated about the learning activities and events that are going to be taking place.


I also have a couple of methods of communication.; these methods range from corresponding through a folder, to corresponding through websites. How do we keep in touch through a folder, you ask? Simple! I will add any homework for that day in the folder. Also, I will put other forms and letters in there, and vice-versa. However, you can also use the homework folder to send notes from home, snack money, and any other payments (such as tuition, field trips, etc.), and please ALWAYS remember to send money in a sealed envelope labeled with your child’s name and purpose of the money.

Again, I am very excited about this new school year, and I will be looking forward to working with you and your child.


Jazzakum Allahu Khairan.

Ms. Nisreen Baker

Kindergarten Homeroom Teacher

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