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Our motivated KG students set out to change the world this week as they became environmentalists. Learning all about endangered species, our students were appalled that our actions with the environment have a cause and effect. For example, cutting down trees destroys the habitats of pandas, cheetahs, and many more animals. Polluting the oceans makes it extremely harmful for our ocean friends to breath, and difficult to survive in such conditions. Also, when hunters cut off the tusks of elephants and the horns of rhinoceroses to sell, they violate the rights given to the animals by Allah swt. Our students went into action right away! They created awareness by making posters of an animal that truly touched their hearts and wanted to save. They made presented their findings in class, showing the animals’ habitats, what made them endangered, and what we can do now to help. The students worked meticulously to create effective presentations- writing,


Interdisciplinary Dental Health: Kindergarten students are exposed to dental hygiene through various forms of literature. In class, they were read to and also had the opportunity to read to one another about this topic. Students wanted to know the effect various liquids have on our teeth. So, they conducted an "eggs-periment" in order to find out! Eggs were meant to emulate the enamel on our teeth, and from there, students made their observations, recorded their data and also came to conclusions. The final verdict: Water was the best! Students also took part in a dental sequencing activity, as well as a dental sight word hunt, while also creating models of our mouths and teeth using play dough and marshmallows after learning helpful vocabulary words explaining the parts of our teeth.

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