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AGE Summer Camp

AGE Summer CAMP 

Summer is a great time for children to explore the world of nature and natural phenomena. The AGE Summer Day Camp focuses on broadening the knowledge base that each individual student possess through science, sports and art. It is a way for each child to help his mind, body and spirit grow while making friends and creating life-long memories this summer.


Camp AGE is geared for children between the ages of 4 and 12. The camp will combine science, physical activities, storytelling and arts and crafts to provide your child a fun and educational experience this summer. During the process we will be teaching them about Islamic values. Each week, students will have the opportunity to strengthen their body by learning about and participating in various sports that will be taught by experienced instructors.



Here are some of the exciting activities that the children will participate in:

Science Made Fun...        


The science portion of our summer camp gives kids the opportunity to learn about science through our interactive and hands-on science activities. Our summer science programs lets children become junior scientists for the summer and embark on a series of science adventures! These unique summer experience provides kids an opportunity to explore science, technology, and engineering while having fun .

Children will learn to build their own volcano and make it erupt in our science lab.



Explore Dinosaurs


Take a field trip to the educational park, Field Station: Dinosaurs, the 20-acre outdoor science site that has more than 30 life-size animatronic dinosaurs and games in New Jersey



Build and Learn About Skyscrapers


Your child will learn about design and architecture of buildings and have the opportunity to create and design their own freestanding structures.



Design a Bridge


Bridges are taken for granted everyday. To fully learn about the engineering process of bridges, the kids will design and make a bridge. They will then compete to see which bridge will be able to hold the most weight.



Lego Design


Whether you’re a Lego fanatic or just love making things, our innovators will enjoy building and designing real things, including houses, bridges, skyscrapers, trucks and many other moving objects. LEGO Robotics

opens students to the possibilities of Robotics through a fun, simple, collaborative, and interactive program.


Students will learn in teams how to design, create, and control their own robot.


The Robotics portion of the summer program is all about having fun while constructing robots and structures.  A child will work alone and with other children to design, build and program (using a computer) a robot that will perform a number of tasks by following lessons and activities. The sessions are designed to introduce children to basic robotic concepts and to build on previous knowledge. Younger students will be introduced to the art of building and designing simple machines. The Robotics portion of the program will build and explore motorized machines and gearing mechanisms.





Children will learn and partake in a variety of physical activities throughout the summer.  They will learn the basics of each sport and learn lifelong lessons about teamwork and fair play.





This sport is growing in popularity all around the world. Children will develop balanced coordination; they will learn to dodge, parry and thrust, while getting acquainted with the proper form, technique and etiquette in this methodical yet fast-paced sport.





Soccer develops agility, speed and stamina, and also teaches children the importance of teamwork, so it can play an important part in your child’s physical and social development.





Get your head in the game and learn how to play this fast-action game with lots of running and jumping. Children will be provided a good physical workout in this competitive team sport.



Story Telling


We'll delve into the wonderful stories of the Prophets, Companions of the Prophet (Peace be upon him), short stories and other contemporary works. In this creative writing workshop, beginners and experienced writers explore the power of the written word.



Art and Crafts


The arts and crafts portion is a truly fun and dynamic summer experience that will spark creativity, engagement, exploration and individual expression. The program we've built welcomes each camper as a unique individual bursting with potential. The children will engage in a variety of activities from Origami (Japanese art of paper folding) to drawing.

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