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 AGE 2023/2024 Enrollment Status

Admissions into the Academy of Greatness & Excellence (AGE) is now closed for the 2023-2024 academic year. AGE is the first and only STEM Certified & Accredited Islamic School in the US. We appreciate our community members that seek quality Islamic Education and are keen on enrolling their children at AGE as their primary choice for their children's educational journeys.

AGE Yearly Open House for 2024/2025 School Year


 AGE 2023/2024 Enrollment Status

Since AGE have a limited available spots, AGE would like to recommend other Islamic Schools in our area that provide similar educational quality:

Al Hikmah Elementary School - Prospect Park

Al-Ghazaly School - Wayne, NJ

Darul Arqam School- South River, NJ

Miftaahul Uloom Academy - Union City, NJ

Noble Leadership Academy - Fairfield, NJ

Noor Ul Iman - Monmouth Junction, NJ

Pillars Academy - South River, NJ

Rising Star Academy - Union City, NJ

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