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Indicator ST1.5 Narratives


ST1.5 Students demonstrate their learning through performances to demonstrate their STEM learning through performance assessments.


What were the areas of strength noted in the Self Assessment?


At Academy of Greatness and Excellence, most students have opportunities to demonstrate their STEM learning through performance assessments. Students are assigned age appropriate activities, projects, and have opportunities to be involved in clubs that seek to further develop their interest and knowledge in STEM.


At AGE Students are given the opportunity to present their STEM learning to a range of stakeholders. Students in grades 3rd to 8th are given opportunities to participate in activities such as the Math Olympiad, Science Olympiad, and the Science Fair where competitors are to meet benchmarks set by stakeholders both internally and externally. Students participating in the Math Olympiad compete with students on an international platform. Participants of the Science Olympiad compete with students from various schools in New Jersey and are ranked according to their performance.


Students are encouraged to present their STEM knowledge by presenting their findings through verbal and visual presentations. This is most evident in student’s presentations at the Science Fair, where students are required to present their findings verbally and through visual presentations. Additionally, students from grades K-8TH are engaged in interdisciplinary assignments that require them to not only demonstrate an understanding of the material but express their learning through hands-on activities and visuals. Students use various materials including Legos, blocks, play dough and are encouraged to use computer programs such as paint, Microsoft office, and the use of the internet to present their understanding of STEM knowledge. Lastly, all students from grades K-8th are assessed on their STEM learning through tests, projects, and classwork based on a curriculum that is aligned with the Common Core Standards and the New Generation Science Standards (NGSS).


Most students have multiple opportunities to clarify, elaborate on, and defend their thinking and conclusions using verbal, symbolic, and visual means. All teachers, regardless of subject, encourage students to defend their understanding of the taught material by completing assignments that encourage critical thinking, analysis, and ability to explain and present their findings visually and verbally. Such examples can be found in journal writing assignments, English summer reading projects that encourage students to enhance their STEM education, and interdisciplinary projects that students are to complete throughout each marking period..


What actions are being implemented to sustain the areas of strength?


  • Staff development in  STEM related learning area is continousely encouraged and planned

  • Going through the accreditation with AdvancED and the STEM certification always keeps the staff adminstration and the Board up-to-date with the latest common practices and enforce the application of the procedure and polices to reach AGE in providing STEM education.

  • keep track of students performance by utilizing measuring tools and documenting results of the variouse events that the student participates in


What were areas in need of improvement?


Although students are given various opportunities to participate in extra curricular activities, competitions, and clubs that allow them to demonstrate their STEM learning through performance assessments, we believe that several steps can be taken to expand and thus engage a larger number of students in STEM activities based on performance assessments.


What plans are being made to improve the areas of need?


In the following year, the Academy of Greatness and Excellence seeks to engage its students in inter-school science fairs, robotics competitions, the Future City Competitions, and host a Technology Expo.


Indicator 1.11
Indicator 1.12
Area of Strength
Areas in need of improvement
Sustain the areas of strength
Plans for improvement

Student Performance at AGE is measured by:


Learning ability and understanding:


Class Participation

Testing, assignments, quizzes

Standardized testing


Demonstration of Knowledge:


Class and Schoolwide Projects (Science Fair)


Application and Integration:


            External Competitions & Lab experiments (Ex: Science Olympiad)  

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