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AGE Science Fair: 

Expression through the Arts- 1st Annual AGE Art Festival

At AGE we encourage the integration of Art and Design into our STEM program.  Adding Art to the equation serves as an assessment tool for STEM learning.  Over the span of April and May, the AGE students have been excitedly working on their STEM themed art pieces, during Art classes held by Ms. Farhat Shaikh.  Their products were finally completed and displayed during the 1st Annual AGE Art Festival.

Articulating their learning in a STEM subject through the arts, such as demonstrating patterns in a drawing, can be engaging and a powerful approach.  The 3rd and 5th grade students showed us that the possibilities of geometric designs are virtually unlimited.  The 7th and 8th graders’ math string art project displayed that the basis of string art is one of many ideas in calculus:  the use of straight lines to represent curves.  AGE 1st graders' science projects displayed the phases of the moon in art form.  Finally, our 4th graders were engaged in solving engineering challenges in designing their own replica of a town with buildings, a bridge, benches and street lights completely made out of sticks.  

The Art Festival was all about applying creative thinking to STEM projects, and sparking students’ imagination and creativity through the arts. 

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