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Your Zakah:
Any Zakat funds received by AGE  will be 100% matched and donated to Al-Sondos Orphanage, an organization nurturing "Orphans with Special Needs". 

The Board of Academy of Greatness & Excellence would like to wish you and your families a Joyous Eid. The Board of AGE has decided to match your Zakat contributions and accordingly, your "hasanat" will be multiplied, In-shaa Allah, during these blessed days. 


May Allah bless our AGE students, parents and staff, and May Allah SWT accept all contributions and consider them in our scale of good deeds, Ameen. 

Welcome to AGE:
Academy of Greatness & Excellence is an independent Islamic School that is not controlled by a Masjid, nor affiliated with any group or organization. Therefore, we can only rely on the contributions of sincere and visionary people like you to help us meet our goals and fulfil our mission.
Since its inception in 2013, AGE has achieved several milestones that ranked the school among the best in New Jersey. AGE has attained accreditation from AdvancEd, a global accrediting organization, ensuring quality in all aspects of the operation. The school has also received accreditation from the Council of Islamic Schools in North America, CISNA, which attests to the quality of instruction in Arabic Language and Religious Studies. Furthermore, AGE received the recognition of becoming a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) certified school; a distinction that has been given to 23 schools world-wide, and AGE has been honored to become the 24th school in the entire world to become STEM certified.
AGE and Comunity:
For the past three years, the school has not conducted a single fundraiser and was able to maintain a donation-independent operation, despite the $100,000/Year lease the school has been committed to paying. Such financial obligations in addition to the cost of operation which significantly exceeds the school’s income, did not stop the AGE Board from offering the community numerous opportunities to ease its members’ financial hardships. The AGE Board had offered a $100,000 Syrian Refugees’ Relief Scholarship to Syrian children recently entering the United States, providing them with a completely free education for one year. AGE has also offered the Orphan Student Scholarship; a scholarship that allows orphan children free education.
Academy of Greatness & Excellence equally instills citizenship and service in its students on a daily basis, as it instills Islamic values and principles. Besides the achievements stated above, AGE has been involved in several social service projects, serving the community by being a center for disaster relief and interfaith dialogue. The effictive videos and messages of the AGE students have been viewed by milions of people across the world. 

AGE being in existence has also created many jobs by providing highly qualified and skilled Muslim females with job opportunities.  Hiring such talented, highly qualified teachers has  had its impact on the Muslim female students that have been empowered by the great examples and role models they observe on a daily basis.

Your Zakah:
Academy of Greatness & Excellence is accepting Zakah contributions. Your Zakah donation is an excellent way to put your religiously mandated charity towards a useful cause right here in North America, making it possible for more students to attain a high quality education while in a nurturing Islamic environment. Your Zakah contributions will help AGE to expand and create more jobs for Muslim sisters, in addition to helping Orphans, Refugees, the Needy while building the faith of our Muslim children. These are valid five venues of spending your Zakah.

“If you lend Allah a goodly loan, He will double it for you, and will forgive you. And Allah is Most Ready to appreciate and to reward, Most Forbearing” [Al-Taghabun (64):17]

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